• Thai Business News (https://thaibusiness.news) is a news site dedicated to providing news and currents from Thailand in English language. The site covers various topics, such as economy, politics, tourism, property, sports, and opinion. Thai Business News also features exclusive interviews with executives and experts on Thailand's business landscape. Whether you are an investor, a traveler, or a c... 繼續閲讀
  • If you are a content creator, no matter what type of content, you always want more people to know about it.However, every social media platform seems like a separate world and it's not easy to get visitors cross to other platform.Now, you have another option to share the all type of content on a single website - visit Hi News!You can share stories (it's like a blog posts), videos, make memes, link... 繼續閲讀
  • Our schooling system has been instructing us to pick a calling way and be an expert entirely through –, for example, an instructor, a specialist, a bookkeeper, an architect, etc. However, not every person fits to this way, that is the reason numerous individuals experience the ill effects of carrying out the responsibilities they don't care for, yet the vast majority of them don't have the foggies... 繼續閲讀
  • Your business is thriving and you need an extra hand - but to hire new worker is beyond budget. You can hire a freelancer instead. ? From simple data entry task to large-scale projects requiring specialized skills, the right freelancer can help you reach your goals and streamline your business without the cost of hiring full-time staff.Why hire a freelancer?Hiring a top freelancer allows you to w... 繼續閲讀
  • 自由职业(Freelance)的经济正在蓬勃发展。光是美国的数据就显示,2017年美国有5300万自由职业者。预计到2020年,美国将有50%的劳动力为自由职业者所提供。很多人喜欢雇用自由职业者的原因,是因为成本低,而对于工作者来说,也非常适合在学学生或从事全职工作的人,建立一个自由职业的赚钱管道。无论您的专长为何,如果有意加入自由职业的行列,就应该开始建立自己的个人品牌,拥有专业网站,才能让您在饱和的人才市场中脱颖而... 繼續閲讀


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