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Thai Business News ( is a news site dedicated to providing news and currents from Thailand in English language. The site covers various topics, such as economy, politics, tourism, property, sports, and opinion. Thai Business News also features exclusive interviews with executives and experts on Thailand's business landscape. Whether you are an investor, a traveler, or a curious reader, Thai Business News offers you a comprehensive and up-to-date source of information on Thailand.

Some of the recent news that you can find on Thai Business News are:

- Thailand leads ASEAN's EV ecosystem with Chinese investment and government support

- Thailand's exports decline for nine consecutive months due to global supply chain disruptions and Covid-19 outbreaks

- Thailand unveils 5 billion baht plan for tourism growth amid reopening of key destinations

- Thailand's household debt surges to 90.6% of GDP, the highest level in Asia

- Thailand's FTA strategy to open up new markets and diversify trade partners

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