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It is no secret that Chinese consumer market is lucrative and has lots of potential. With the growth being forecast for the future and the population bonus, almost any business can find a place to grow in China.

The big question is - how do you make your first step into China? The answer is a Chinese press release.

A press release is a written or recorded communication. It generally serves to announce an essential event that has news value.
A press release in china is the most affordable form of PR Marketing in China.
The on-line Chinese press release in China plays a substantial role in disseminating important info and updates in China. Through on-line news release, a business owner can inform the public about launching of a brand new web site, vital updates or encouraging new services or products. More, the online press release can supply additional publicity that might prove to be very valuable in gaining on-line exposure for a company or a brand.
Topic News has been helping companies around the world publicize in China via Chinese news release written by a team of experts.

The significance of the online Chinese news release is that it helps provide publicity to a brand-new or existing company or website alike. Exposure is everything for an online business or website to succeed, and the only way for many internet visitors to be capable to know a certain web site exists.
A news release gives authority to the people, products or companies that are mentioned in the context. It stays online for good, which is a major advantage comparing to online ads.

Online news release does not only targets journalists, but additionally other on-line visitors who might be intrigued to read as it includes useful info. Issuing news release has higher credibility among other marketing methods.
As online searching becomes the major pre-buying activity for consumers, a news release is something that gets the potential customer's attention and trust. Many people would search google or baidu for an online business, a new service or product that just came around lately.

And since the purpose of news release is to declare updates or events, it must contain several necessary info that readers would search for.
The news release must offer facts. It must be able to answer the What's, Where's and When's of the news release topic.
Topic News is a reliable Chinese PR agency which helps businesses around the world to conduct public relations activities and distribute news releases in China.




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